Veles Fees

Veles has no subscription fees or hidden charges. 

How does the platform earn money?

The commission is only 20% and applies only to the profit the user makes when trading with the bot.

Let's imagine that the user made a deal and earned 1 USDT. In this case, the Veles internal balance will be charged 0.20 USDT as a commission.

This way, it is possible to earn a significant amount of money. However, you should not worry about having to give 20% of all profits. 

Veles will not charge the user more than $50 per calendar month. This means that the commission will be charged at the rate of 20% of each profitable trade until the amount of $50 is reached. 

When the limit is reached, the commission will be stopped until the start of the new month. The counter separates commissions in the spot and futures markets.

How does Veles charge commissions?

The bot trades funds that are on the user's exchange. Any profits earned are also directed to the exchange account. However, the API key restricts withdrawals from the exchange account. That's why the internal balance on the Veles platform is used to pay up the commission.

What happens if I don't top up Veles?

The bot will continue to work even if the user has not funded the balance. It will close profitable trades and the commission will be charged. 

This will result in a negative balance on the account. 

With a negative balance, the bot will not be able to launch a new trade. However, all active trades will be completed according to the pre-set conditions.

How to deposit the platform?

You can top up your balance on the Veles platform in any convenient way and for any amount through the BEP20 network. All deposits are automatically converted to $ for easy balance display. In the future, we also plan to add the ability to deposit via credit cards.

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