VELES ― simple and no-code platform for creating bots in the cryptocurrency market for traders people ❤️
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Veles don't have access to your money. They only manage purchases and sales. You're the only one who can withdraw money.
запуск ботов
заработок на криптовалюте
No access to your money
No need to waste your time learning and configuring bots. Use proven strategies
Wide choice of existing working strategies
We have removed all unnecessary things, so you can quickly launch bots
Quick setup in 3 clicks

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How it works?

It's simple. The bot has no emotions, no need to sleep, no family and no children

It enters a trade a little at a time and be averaged in case of a drawdown
The bot searches for an entry point using overbought / oversold filters
It comes in profit, closes the deal with a small income cause bot isn't greedy, unlike you
сделки на криптовалюте
..and so over and over
A bot never goes into the red, unlike a human

4 easy steps

to earn your first $1

Create a VELES bot
Sign up on the
создать бота
заработать на криптовалюте
Enjoy being carefree ❤️
Connect your bot to the exchange
бот к бирже
What is the price?
We only earn when you earn.
We take a commission of 20% only on the profit that you get during the bot-trading, but not more than 50 USD per calendar month.

Together, we earn. The better our bots work, the higher the profits for both you and us.
Referral Program
Recommend VELES to your friends, acquaintances, visitors or followers.

We offer YOU 30% OF THE EARNINGS that we will receive from the users attracted by you.

Your maximum earnings from one referral WILL BE FROM $15 per month.

Veles official exchange broker
Register on the exchanges and get a 10% discount on transaction fees from VELES.
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