Security of trading with Veles


We regularly pass security audits

and the last time it was performed by Binance experts, who confirmed the high level of Veles protection.


How does Veles protect your data?



Encryption provides a secure connection between your device and our platform

Funds protection and API key

Your funds remain on the exchange, and your connection to the Veles platform is through an API key


Control 24/7

Administrators monitor for suspicious activity in the community 24/7 and constantly check the services.


Veles is protected

We maintain high security standards and apply the latest protection methods so that users can trade and use our platform with peace of mind knowing that their data is protected by Veles.

Start trading with Veles

The security of users' funds is
our priority

Every transaction on Veles

receives constant support and expert guidance. Our team is always ready to assist the user with security issues. We do everything to make the experience of trading on Veles extremely positive


We have passed a legal audit

which confirms strict compliance with the laws and regulations regarding cryptocurrency transactions.


Data protection 100%

  • Your money stays in the exchange;
  • Connection via API key;
  • Regular system security audits
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We are trusted by the global exchanges

And provide one-click connection to the platform. FastAPI button is available for quick and easy connection to Binance, Bybit and OKX