This user agreement defines the terms of use and  rules of our Service.Registration on the site means your agreement with all the conditions set forth in this User Agreement.
Basic terms used in this user agreement
In this user agreement, unless the text of this agreement   expressly implies otherwise, the following words and  expressions will have the following meanings:
● "User" — any natural person using the Service and accepting the terms of this Agreement.
● "Service Owner" or "Administrator" — "VELES MIDDLE EAST - FZCO"
● “Service Veles. finance" (hereinafter  - "Service", "", "we", "us" or "our")  is software available on the  site, which allows the User to use all the functionality provided for him, including bots for  automated trading on  cryptocurrency exchanges.

Service is not responsible for information about our service provided on websites other than veles. finance. None of one of the provisions of the Agreement can be interpreted as a transfer of exclusive rights to the Service (its individual elements) to the User.

ATTENTION: The Service is not a  cryptocurrency exchange. See section "Incorrect replenishment".

● "Bot" or "bots" - computer programs and special algorithms used for automated trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

● "Bot" or "bots" - computer programs and special algorithms used for automated trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

1. Risk Statement

1.1. By accepting the terms of this User Agreement, the User is aware that any trading and  investment operations on the  exchange, crypto-currency, currency and  financial market is an activity with a high degree of risk.
1.2. The owner of the service cannot   guarantee a profit.
1.3. The user understands possible financial losses in the form of direct losses or lost profits as a result of any  trading and  investment transactions on the  cryptocurrency exchange when using the bots provided by the Service.
1.4. The owner of the service is not   liable in cases of technical problems of exchanges, theft of funds from   exchanges, blocking of accounts on   exchanges, incorrect operation of exchange APIs, bankruptcies of exchanges, erroneous actions of users, strong and  long price changes on  exchanges.
1.5. Veles service. finance is provided on an 'as is' basis. The owner of the service does not guarantee a certain profitability when using the service. The results of the bot's work are determined by many factors, such as volatility on exchanges, trading volume and liquidity on exchanges, and also bot settings.
1.6. The user has access to all service settings. Each of the settings is described in detail in the frequently asked questions on the website The user makes decisions about settings on his own and responsible for losses in case of incorrect or aggressive trading settings.

2. Terms of use

2.1. Veles service. finance provides operability on its servers in the  network of the Internet 24 hours a day. The user does not need to install any special software on his/her computer in order to use the service.
2.2. Veles service. finance does not store and doesn't accept user funds, and also doesn't make any payments (other than payments through the referral program). All funds are stored in  user accounts on  exchanges.
2.2.1. Veles service. finance does not have access to withdrawal of funds from user accounts on exchanges. Responsibility for safety of funds on accounts of exchanges is borne by the user and the respective exchanges.
2.3. Veles service. finance operates with user facilities for placing orders on exchanges via the API interface.
2.4. A user of our Service can have only one account on It is forbidden to register multiple accounts. If, for any for some reason, several accounts are needed, then the user must contact the support service.
2.5. It is forbidden to trade in  different Veles accounts. finance using one and the same account on the cryptocurrency exchange - this will be regarded as the presence of several accounts for the user.
2.6.  Accounts with revealed violations will be blocked, funds will be frozen.
2.7. Simultaneous login to  different Veles accounts. finance affiliated with the referral program is prohibited and may lead to exclusion from the referral program of these accounts.
2.8.  Accounts with revealed violations will be blocked, funds will be frozen.
2.9 The user of our service agrees that in the event of  violation of any condition or rule of this User Agreement, his account will be closed with a freeze of funds.

3. Payment for the Services

3.1. Veles. finance takes a commission of 20% only from the profits that the user receives when trading with  using bots.
3.2. To write off the commission, there is a balance of the account. Veles account balance. finance is calculated in USDT. The commission is debited from  Veles account balance. finance every time the bot completes the work cycle and  receives income (a take-profit order is executed on the  exchange). If the income is not received in USDT, then it is converted intoUSDT at the rate at the time of receipt of the income. Write-off of commission from  Veles account balance. finance will continue until as long as the amount of all commission write-offs does not reach the maximum commission amount in the current calendar month. After that, the deduction of the commission will stop until the 1st day of the next month.
3.3. Each transaction is displayed in the user's profile. Payment period from 1st day of the month to last day of the month.
3.4. The amount of the maximum commission in the current calendar month is calculated as follows:
● If the user uses spot bots and gets profit from their help, then the maximum commission in the current calendar month will be 50 USD.
● If a user uses USDS-M futures bots and gets profit with their help, then the maximum commission for the current calendar month increases by 50 USD.
● If a user uses COIN-M futures bots and gets profit with their help, then the maximum commission for the current calendar month increases by 50 USD.
3.5. Please note that the commission may be greater than the amount of the maximum commission in the current calendar month, as commission transactions are not   divided into parts. This can happen if the amount of deducted commissions on the user's account is less than the maximum commission amount in the current  calendar month and the bot has received a large profit. In this case, the commission is charged in full, after which the commission is no longer debited.

4. Veles account balance. finance

4.1. Veles service. finance is available in full  with an account balance of 0 or positive. The user can create new bots, launch bots.
4.2. If the balance of Veles. finance is negative, then the user has 3 days to replenish the balance.  Account is suspended after 3 days. The user cannot create new bots and run bots. Launched bots continue to work.
4.3. Veles account balance. finance can be replenished with using BNB, BUSD, USDC, will be automatically converted to USDT at the rate at the time of replenishment.
4.4. Veles account balance. finance is not returned for except in cases of erroneous replenishment.
4.5. In addition to erroneous deposits, funds received through the referral program are subject to payment.

5. Wrong replenishment

5.1. An erroneous replenishment  is a replenishment of the Veles account balance. finance instead of replenishing the exchange account.
5.2. Refunds of erroneous replenishment are carried out upon  request to  support service, which must be done no later than 3 days from the moment of replenishment. All requests that will be made later than 7 days from the moment of erroneous replenishment will not be  satisfied.
5.3. During the procedure, we charge $10 commission from the total amount for manual processing.

6. User Restrictions

6.1.  limit on the  number of bots for one Veles account. finance: 100. If it is necessary to increase the number of bots, the user should contact  support service.
6.2. Manipulations with  balance on  affiliated accounts are prohibited.

7. Procedure for resolving disputes

7.1. The owner of the service and the user take all measures to resolve disputes and disagreements arising from the User Agreement through negotiations.
7.2. In the   case of failure to reach an agreement through negotiations, the claim (pre-trial) procedure is mandatory. The response time to claim - 10 (ten) calendar days from the moment of its receipt.
7.3. All disputes that are not  settled as a result of negotiations and  in the  claim procedure, are subject to resolution in the  court (arbitration court) at the location of the Service Owner.

8. Final provisions

8.1. Veles service. finance reserves the right to make changes, additions and corrections to this User Agreement without prior notice.
8.2. At any time, any party may unilaterally  refuse from further cooperation. The user has the right to refuse to use the Service by deleting the API keys on the websites of the respective  cryptocurrency exchanges.
8.3. In the   case of any questions, the user can contact the   service support or find out the information of interest in the   section of the frequently asked questions on the   website